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Spring 2020 Update

Dear Friends, Much has happened since we’ve last updated you. Our inaugural Ladies Only Big Cat Safari was a great success! It was followed up with what turned out to
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Winter 2020

Dear Friends, Happy New Year!  Welcome to our winter newsletter.  I have just a few updates at this time as I am getting ready to kick off our safari season
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Fall 2019

Dear Friends, Welcome to our Fall Safari Newsletter!  In this issue we update you on future trips and one of our newest marketing efforts as well as a sampling of
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Summer 2019

Dear Friends, Welcome to our latest safari update!  As our business grows we have plenty of news to share and are making this a quarterly newsletter in January, April, July
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Kenya Visitor – Special Event

If you’ve been on one of our Kenya safaris then there is a good chance you’ve met Jackson Rakwa.  He is one of our regular Maasai safari guides.  He is
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Fall 2018

Year in Review & 2019 Safari Dates 2019 marks the start of our fifth season taking guests to experience some of our world’s most amazing animals. As a wildlife ambassador,
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Winter 2017

New Chances for Wildlife This new year brings new hope for Africa’s elephants.  At the beginning of this year, China announced it would officially end it’s ivory trade by the
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Fall 2017

2018 Safari Dates & Updates I don’t know where the time has gone!  This update is waaaaay over due and I have lots of news to share with you.   As
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Summer 2016

Introducing Peter’s Wildlife Safaris This year is moving quickly and it’s been a busy one so far!  I’ve recently returned from Botswana and South Africa, am heading back to Kenya this
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Winter 2015

Year End Update As we approach the end of the first year of my new avocation, it’s been a successful year, thanks to your support and encouragement.  I led my first Big Cat Safari in
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Spring 2015

Our February Big Cat Safari was a great success!  We saw all of the big cats – lions, leopards and cheetahs.  We even witnessed a cheetah mother hunt for her three, six week
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