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Family + Wildlife + Philanthropy = Impact

Together with the Satao Wildlife Foundation, a 501c(3) U.S. public charity, we identify community conservation projects where you and your family can make and immediate and direct impact. The mission of the Satao Wildlife Foundation is “Improving the lives of wildlife by improving the lives of people through community conservation programs”. All of our projects ultimately benefit the wildlife.

Here are examples of some projects:

There is always a need for:

  • Construction of school facilities
  • Providing desks, textbooks, and other supplies
  • Support of teacher programs
  • Nutrition

Law enforcement
Support of the rangers who patrol the parks and keep the animals safe from poachers. There is a need for equipment and services like:

  • GPS units
  • Night vision goggles
  • Binoculars
  • Uniforms for rangers
  • Support for K9 units
  • Medical care
  • Life insurance for rangers and their family.

NGOs (Non-Government Organizations)
You can provide financial support to established organizations doing great work in the community.

Examples would be:

  • Staying at an elephant orphanage
  • Meeting the caretakers of the orphaned animals.

We operate medical brigades where we bring doctors and non-medical volunteers to provide medical treatment to the local community.

While 92 percent of people in Kenya have access to cell phones, only 18% have access to clean water and sanitation. In order for locals to get water, they often have to travel through the wild animal’s territory making it very dangerous for the people and the animals. Conflicts can lead to the death of both the people and wildlife. It’s hard to convince locals to conserve and protect wildlife when it gets in the way of them just trying to survive. Water means life in these countries.

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