Africa has a lot to offer the safari traveler and dozens of ways to experience its beauty. Here are just a few of the ways.


From Africa’s Big 5 to the smallest creatures and everything in between, your classic wildlife safaris has it all.


Most guests come for the wildlife but end up falling in love with the people. There is a delicate balance between the animals and the people. Many people who come on safari express an interest in making a positive impact in the loves of the local people. We can introduce you to those working with the wildlife and people to better understand their challenges.

Mobile Safari

While it may not look like it, but mobile safaris are the ultimate in luxury. In this case that luxury is privacy. It’s just you and your family and friends out in the bush, but with many of the amenities of luxury camps, like excellent food, comfortable beds, and running water.

Scenic Flights

Fixed wing aircraft and helicopters offer experiences designed to complement any safari itinerary by offering a unique perspective of Africa’s wilderness, wildlife, and communities.

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Luxury Camping & Fine Dining

You won’t go hungry on safari. While the wildlife is usually the top experience, the food is a close second. It doesn’t matter your preference, the chefs at the camps can cater to your individual dietary needs.

Active Safari

A safari doesn’t need to be a passive experience. There are many safari experience to enjoy, some included wilderness fitness, pilates, mountain biking, rock climbing, women’s only safaris, and more!

Balloon Safari

Some things are worth getting up before everyone else and a balloon safari is definitely one of them!

Camel & Horseback Safari

A horseback or camel safari is the ideal means of traveling through the African landscape. Escape the constraints of a vehicle and lose yourself in the wilds where the camel train is the only traffic for miles. Every day is unique and every safari is custom designed to suit your interests and needs.