Fall 2018

Year in Review & 2019 Safari Dates

2019 marks the start of our fifth season taking guests to experience some of our world’s most amazing animals.

As a wildlife ambassador, my goal has always been to create awareness about the threats facing our world’s wildlife by taking you to places where you can experience these magnificent animals up close and personal, while you still can.  By doing so, I hope that you, too, can become ambassadors for wildlife.  

2018 was a very successful year, starting off with our Kenya Big Cat Safari and our first gorilla trip to Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest followed in May by a 3 week self-drive camping/lodge safari through Namibia. 

The highlights of the year were the MedWish Medical trip and the Grand Opening of our new classroom and administration building at the Molibany Primary School.

MedWish Medical Brigade – Talek Clinic

We brought 10 medical staff and volunteers from MedWish International in Cleveland to the Talek Community Health Center.  This amazing group treated over 450 patients from the community during their visit, including the staff from both of our camps, park rangers, teachers and students from the local school and villagers from the surrounding area.  Some patients traveled up to 2 hours each way to see our medical professionals.

After the clinic, the group went on safari for a few days to see everything the Masai Mara has to offer – elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffe and a variety of other great sightings.

If you’re a medical professional, or would just like to volunteer, and want to join us, we are planning another trip in June 2019.  Please contact me for details.

The MedWish team with the Talek Community Health Center Staff
MedWish team on safari.
Dr. Rafid Fadul examining a young patient
Guests enjoying elephants up-close

Molibany School Project – Satao Wildlife Foundation

In 2017, through the Satao Wildlife Foundation, we committed to fund and build a new classroom and administrative offices building for the Molibany Primary School in Talek, Kenya. 

We witnessed firsthand the construction progress during our Big Cat safaris in February.  Contractors worked hard to have the school, with its 200 new student desks, ready for the upcoming school year.  In addition to the building, through a partnership with Ann Farmer from Third World Books, we provided all necessary textbooks for grades 4 thru 8.

There will be more projects in the future.  To learn more or donate on-line, please visit the Satao Wildlife Foundation.  We are a 501c3 public charity established with a mission to improve the lives of wildlife by improving the lives of people through community conservation programs in Africa.   If you have any questions, please contact me.

The completed project includes 4 classrooms and 4 administrative office
Cheetah from our migration safari
Young male stopping for a drink
Our expert guides searching for sunrise during sunrise

Uganda – Mountain Gorillas

Following our Big Cat safari we had our inaugural safari to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to see the endangered mountain gorilla.  There are no mountain gorillas in captivity; they can only been seen in Uganda, Rwanda and the Republic of Congo.
The trek involves a rather strenuous 30 min to 2 hour+ hike to find them, depending on where they settled the previous day.  Once there, you are limited to 60 minutes with the gorilla family.  It’s an amazing time that goes by rather quickly.  If you’re an animal lover, with reasonably good fitness, this is a must see!

Namibia – Self-drive Camping Safari

Namibia is one of the least populated countries in the world with just 3.3 people per kilometer.  The Skeleton Coast, a protected area along the entire western side of the country, is famous for its large sand dunes and shipwrecks.  Namibia is also home to some of the darkest skies in the world which showcase billions of stars.

2019 Safari Dates – Socially Conscious Luxury Safaris

For an experience of a lifetime, consider joining us for one of our upcoming trips.  Alternatively, we can plan a special trip for your family or group on your schedule.

Elephants, Rhinos & Big Cats
January 25 – February 2

Big Cat Safari
February 2 – 9

Big Cat Safari
February 9 – 16

Tanzania & Wildebeest Calving Safari
February 17-28

India Tigers
April 9 – 21

Medical Brigade
June 8-22, 2019 Tentative
More photos from this past season can be found here.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  Have a great holiday season!

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